Why own OXE tokens?

DeFi Plug-in

OXE token holders will be able to use their tokens to plug in DeFi Products, such as lending, staking and other.

DeFi on a real value base layer

Preferential access to tokenization

OXE token holders can get priority access to tokenizing their assets. As well as priority for Lending and Staking OATs.

Priority access

OXE token holders get priority access to Asset Tokens (OATs) and Omnia Stable Coins (OSCs).

Aggressive burn rate and buy backs

Burn and Buy Back will be directly corrolated to main project objectives. Asset Tokenisation profits will in part go towards burn and buy back.

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Omnia App
under development

● Tokenise your art or house
● Sell 49% and keep control
● Swipe right to trade

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Real-world assets

The world is full of things of value that cannot easily be turned into spendable cash.

Throughout history, land, houses and buildings as well as high-value collectibles served to safeguard wealth. The buying, selling and trading of lucrative assets has remained a lengthy, complicated and expensive process, even for those who could afford the costs it entails.


It is now possible to create fractionalized co-ownership tokens for any asset.

Blockchain changes everything! Whereas the Internet is the free exchange of information, Blockchain is the free exchange of value. Via smart contracts, Distributed Ledger Technology ties real-world assets to the documents and data that authenticate them.

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With Omnia DeFi, you can tokenise to gain liquidity or buy into any asset worldwide.

Slow and expensive centralised asset value exchange is a thing of the past. Today you can fractionally sell to or trade with anyone in the world – be it a room in your lovely home or a parcel of your valuable painting – without having to give up physical possession as primary owner. At the same time, you may globally buy into land and buildings in growing economies, injecting start-up capital where local economic development needs it the most.

Universal access to wealth creation

We believe in a more abundant world with upward mobility for the masses.

Everyone should be empowered, and have capacity to empower others, to gain wealth unhindered by geography, income level or governing infrastructure. Today’s blockchain technology makes it much more feasible to register both personal identity and property rights. This is an effective prosperity tool that we want to bring to the world. A global free market serves only those who have access to it. Equal opportunity demands equitable, universal access.

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3 token system

$OXE Token

OXE Tokens are exchange and utility tokens within our ecosystem used for crowdfunding to build company operations and platform.

Tokenisation burn

A percentage of onboarding fees for OATs will be used to burn OXE tokens. As tokenisation speeds up so will the burn. This directly ties key project objectives to the burn.

Community hacking rewards

Various deals within the ecosystem from AirDrops to special NFTs. The Omnia Defi community will be able to issue and vote on new rewards proposals, as well as OAT data validation & bug bounty rewards.


Traditional DeFi earnings coupled with OAT (Omnia Asset Token) discounts. The longer OXE has been farmed, the higher the discounts on OATs.

DeFi Plug-in

Once OATs are traded on the platform, the OXE Tokens will add extra valute by allowing DeFi tools to run on a real world value layer. 


Omnia Asset Tokens (OATs) will be created after full regulatory approval. These asset tokens will be tied in smart contract to the real-world assets underlying their value.

Stable coin

Omnia Stable Coin (OSC) will be created after OATs. OSCs will be 1:1 to the U.S. Dollar with all pooled OATs as underlying value.


Total Supply : 10,000,000 $OXE

  • Core Team 15%
  • Development 20%
  • Marketing 10%
  • Ecosystem 15%
  • Advisors 3.35%
  • Bootstrap funding 3.15%
  • Liquidity 18.5%
  • 2030 Ambassador program 10%
  • Public and private sales 5%
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$OXE public listing

nodes 1


Circulating supply at TGE

circulation 1


Market cap at listing

blockchain 1

$OXE 10 M

Total supply


Our team has been working on Omnia since 2019, achieving $550M worth of assets committed to the project even during the economic downturns of the global pandemic. Here are the key events from early 2021 onwards.

Bootstrap Funding
Presale Rounds
PoC Development
Institutional Fundraising
OXE Launchpad Sale
OXE PancakeSwap Listing
OXE Farming & Static Reflection
OAT Test Cases
OAT Contract Audits
Bug bounty program
Financial Regulatory Approval
Mobile App Public Release
OSC Stablecoin
Derivative Services



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