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Does the world need another cryptocurrency, when there already are 12,870 of them? The answer is Yes and let us tell you why.           In 2009 amidst a devastating global financial crisis, ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ put to work the world’s first blockchain, enabling anonymous cryptographic electronic money to become a viable alternative to […]

Can Tokenisation Level the Playing Field?

Written by Jago Penrose There are many criticisms of the modern day financial, identity, and democratic systems globally and over the years a common response to such criticism is: ‘Well, do you have something better to propose?’ Which up until 2013 or so, was a fair point. However, for those who understand the potential application […]


Written by Aimee Matthews Cryptography has existed for millennia and you yourself probably tried your hand at it before you even knew what it was. I remember as a kid watching films from my grandfather’s James Bond collection and fancying myself as a spy. I would send encrypted messages to my friends, written in lemon […]


Written by Vera Ishani The world of crypto projects is a fast moving and intricate space.  The pace of innovation coupled with the immutable nature of blockchains means that many organisations seeking to launch their code will tend to carry out greater due diligence in auditing and re-auditing their code.  Once a smart contract is […]

Banking, Templars and Crypto

Written by Aimee Matthews One year after the French Revolution, writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr wrote, ‘The more things change, the more they remain the same’. An albeit satirical comment on a turbulent time in history, but it does reflect an undeniable truth, that no matter how much the human race evolves, we carry the same […]

Static Reflection

The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back in the Crypto Vs Fiat Debate? As if there weren’t enough exciting wealth accumulation protocols stacking up against the archaic fiat currency mechanisms such as bonds, ISAs, and incredibly low interest rate returns – it appears as though there is a new piece of tech that has the […]

New Crypto Tools Help People Create Wealth Together

Article by Nils Elmark, Futurist and author of The New Local Economy It all began in 1881 when a young dairy man by the name Jacob Stilling-Andersen on a winter course learned about a new centrifuge that could separate cream and milk far more efficiently than before. It was expensive, and none of the small […]

Women in Crypto – the Rise of Parity in High Tech

Written by Jago Penrose, Serial Technology Entrepreneur Technology is an industry frequently accused of being male dominated and missing the balance of diversity. Whilst this is undeniable, there are emerging sectors of high tech doing their bit to close the deficit in gender parity, one of which is certainly crypto. The pioneering project Cardano Ecosystem, […]

New Blockchain Startup Wants to Free Over 100 Million Dollars Tied Up in Arts

Article by Nils Elmark, Futurist and author The New Local Economy Omnia DeFi plans a new democratized blockchain-powered platform that stretches all the way to the moon. There is art in the world valued around 50 billion dollars and most of this money is passively locked up in wonderful paintings and art objects hanging on […]

Realise True Asset Value with OMNIA DeFi

Written by Jago Penrose, Serial Technology Entrepreneur The cryptocurrency industry has recently been affirmed as its own asset class by major institutions such as Goldman Sachs (thanks guys, glad you are all up to speed). But what their report omitted to detail was what tokenisation potentially brings to the table for virtually every physical asset […]