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At Omnia, we are on a mission to Tokenise the World, at least 1% by 2030.
Sounds CRAZY?
Then we are!

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A revolutionary NFTs methodology developed by Omnia DeFi enables one to buy and sell tokens of all kinds of valuable physical assets, whether in whole or in part, making the exchange more accessible, affordable, and transparent at the global level.

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Be a Part of Next-Gen Investor & Entrepreneur

We believe everyone should have a fair opportunity to build wealth and enjoy financial security. This will help humanity to self-actualise in a more positive manner.

A new generation of transparent, real-time store of value, unit of account, and medium of exchange that provides for painless universal access to capital and capital gains. Prosperity is unhindered by personal demographics, geography, income level, or lack of infrastructure.

Invest in Massive Vision: OMNIA the World’s Largest Tradable Assets Index

Words from our Founder:
Omnia aims to tokenise at least 1% of the world’s real-world assets by 2030 and will create a stable coin on top of it. This means that Omnia DeFi by reaching this first milestone would automatically become one of the largest financial systems in the world by default. Helping to free up over $280 trillion in locked-up in real estate alone is a massive task with great benefits, bringing common access to wealth creation.

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Co-create Mundus Novus With Omnians

Invest in real things. Invest in serious people.

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Creating the OMNIA Battalion aka The Omnians

If you want to become an Omnian, you must own a piece of it, which is the $OXE token. Our code of conduct is admin and all members treating one another with openness, parity, and fairness. OMNIA is the name of the tribe. Economic freedom & sovereignty is our vision. On a mission to recruit the largest battalion of next-generation investors, entrepreneurs, and wealth-builders with their hearts in the right place. The Quest to make life more abundant and better for everybody starts right here.

Be a Crypto Army Brat. Join the Omnia Family

Updates & Announcements for everything OMNIA

Here the community can remain properly informed and updated on the $OXE Token and Omnia DeFi in general. We believe in being transparent – and responsive to any comments and inquiries that the Omnia fam may come up with. We aim for the love…100% customer satisfaction 🙂 !

Choose Your Role & Get to Know Your Omnia Fam

We suggest that you choose the one role that best describes you. However, you may select more roles than one! Once everyone’s role becomes visible it becomes easier and happier to network, build friendships, talk about the industry, share and learn together and Most Importantly have a bunch of fun!!!

Chill Zone

Here are the channels for leisurely Omnia fam & fun 🙂 :

In these lounges you can play games, listen to music or even watch movies together. Wanna debate at the dinner table? Go for it! Just please mind the server rules and virtual food fights only please… 😛

Never let yourself feel like you are apart from your friends & loved ones. We’re a trribbbe.

Eat Your Daily Omelet

Ever heard of Virtual Omelet? Haha. We have something like this. Here you will get hot news, insights & stories from all over the world regarding CRYPTO, NFT, and Metaverse. Don’t forget to eat & digest your daily omelets in the Omnia Discord server for breakfast. It’s good for your $wealth $portfolio, not to mention your crypto soul.

Level Up: Earn $OMNIA & Exclusive Rewards

Do you see yourself as an important contributor to the community and wish others could see you as such? Do you want to form a Unique Identity? If yes, then this is for you! We have designed 5 levels, and in each level, you can earn FREE $OXE coins, exclusive badges & stickers. Not only that, we have goodies to offer like t-shirts & hoodies.

To earn the levels & rewards, gear up to jump through these hoops:

Attend Events, Talks & Standups

We know how important expanding financial awareness & crypto literacy is to the Omnia community’s success and growth. Informative and educational events will therefore be regularly scheduled for everyone’s edification. Rain or shine, come join the troops at these valuable discussions!