OMNIA DeFi Project Rundown

Why was Omnia DeFi founded?

According to Oxfam International’s January 2020 report, the world’s richest 1% own twice as much as the bottom 90%. In 2019, 2,153 people had more wealth between them compared to 4.6 billion people. There is at the present an enormous imbalance in prosperity distribution around the globe. Omnia DeFi seeks to redress this imbalance by working toward universal access to wealth creation. Considering the statistics, if just one billionaire engages, how many people will benefit?

What are Omnia DeFi’s vision and mission?

Omnia DeFi is driven by the vision of liberating and empowering people to self actualise and to do good, whoever and wherever they are. Our mission is to build a tokenisation system that serves as the economic foundation for Createlinx, our collaborative ecosystem to implement decentralised direct democracy (ddd) and a positive progress protocol (ppp) toward humanity’s self-actualisation. The company seeks to build its platform as the world’s largest real assets tradable index.

Humankind is at an exciting crossroads, people are more connected, more aware, more engaged. Technology has enabled us to take huge leaps forward and address some of the bigger global concerns regarding the future of our planet. We see the development of Decentralised Finance playing a crucial role in the democratic distribution of wealth, providing opportunities for future generations to share in, and have access to the tools which will empower their lives. We see Omnia DeFi at the heart of this revolution and we would like to invite everyone to participate in shaping this future.

Who are the people behind OMNIA DeFi LTD?

The Omnia DeFi team is a group of growth-minded friends productively collaborating at the global level. We are a culturally and linguistically diverse group, with distinct and valuable skills from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, sharing a common vision of significant social impact. We take pride in our company culture of mutual trust and respect, and ethical high expectations. We don’t just dream big beautiful dreams; we are fully committed to integrity and the hard work it will take to make them come true.

What kinds of tokens will Omnia DeFi be creating?

OMNIA Tokens ($OMNIA) are exchange and utility tokens within the system linked to our tokenisation efficiency.

Omnia Asset Tokens (OATs) are created after full regulatory approval. These asset tokens will be tied in smart contract to the physical real-world assets underlying their value.

Omnia Stable Coins (OSCs) will be created after OATs. OSCs will be pegged to the US Dollar with all pooled OATs as underlying value. With OATs, OSCs will redefine stability in the crypto market.

What are the benefits of Omnia DeFi’s tokens ?

Omnia DeFi can unlock the potential for anyone to safely participate in the bold new future of wealth generation. Our system makes buying and selling high-value assets such as auctionable art, houses and buildings affordable and user-friendly for everyone.

The unbanked can tokenise to develop land or to build up their farm or business, while providing an attractive buy opportunity for anyone in the world. Omnia DeFi global tokenisation can serve as an asset registration infrastructure to support the free flow of international venture capital into areas where it is needed the most. Everyday people with modest income are afforded an opportunity to fractionally participate in adding value to precious fine art or to prime real estate and gradually build their wealth. They can contribute to the global funding of large national infrastructure projects. While individually the general population may not have the capacity to purchase high-value assets outright, or to manage them, collectively they have an unlimited potential to capitalise projects that significantly benefit both the local and global economies.

To this end, Omnia Asset Tokens (OATs) serve to make high-end assets more liquid and securely exchangeable between all types of sellers and buyers. With OATs, Omnia Stable Coin (OSC) will redefine stability in the crypto market.

Omnia DeFi represents the future of cryptocurrency with more accessibility and stability, directly linked to the value of real-world underlying assets. There is already $500M in real estate and fine art committed to the Omnia DeFi project.

How does Omnia DeFi tokenisation work?

Most simply put, our platform indexes data tied to asset value and turns that value into tradable tokens. OATs serve as value index tokens. Each asset has an integer acting as an index number representing the total stored value and assurance tied data on that asset. The index number can be divided into x number of fractions indicating total fixed amount of tokens available linked to that integer. The index number is given an overall safety rating derived from KYC/KYA/AML scores plus any number of additional proofs and concessions or assurances. This safety rating lets the token buyer know the risk level associated with buying the tokens. Safety ratings are up for constant review by prompting at regular (or irregular) intervals and/or by Omnia DeFi, the token traders, or the asset holders themselves.

Transactionally, let’s say you have a $100K Joan Mitchell and want to raise cash to finance its exhibition tour. You decide to tokenise, and receive 100 tokens for the painting. You keep 51 of the tokens (51%). The remaining 49 are sold to people who are now fractional owners of the value in the Joan Mitchell. They get to own up to 49% of the value in your art, but you still possess and get to decide how to manage your art. If on the other hand you are one of the people who purchased one or more of the 49 tokens, if the price of the painting rises, so does the value of your tokens — without you having to put much effort into maintaining the expensive painting.

Or let’s say you inherited land but have no capital to start a farm or to build on that land. You cannot trust or cannot access the local banking system where you are and it is virtually impossible for you to obtain the loan that you need. People around you are just as short of cash as you are. By tokenising you can properly register your land and sell 49% of the tokens attached to it and release your equity in the land. Being on the platform allows you to securely identify yourself and register your land to attract token buyers from around the globe, exponentially increasing your chances of getting funded.

How may the public follow Omnia DeFi?

Visit us on our website and chat with us on Telegram!


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