Interview by The Capital

Project Rundown Interview with Omnia DeFi   WRITTEN BY The Capital Follow A publishing platform for professionals to see what’s trending in business, finance, and tech Project Rundown Interview with Omnia DeFi The CapitalFollowJun 18 · 9 min read Hey guys! Happy to connect today and learn more about the Omnia DeFi project! Can you tell us more […]

Crypto Nation AMA 23 June 2021

💣AMA Recap With Omnia💣 Cryptonation9 hours ago·13 min read Hosted by — Crypto Nation Dated — 23rd June, 2021 💣INTRO SEGMENT💣 Sophia: Hey everyone! We are so glad to have @Raki_Brown and @Theo_LordGravity from Team Omnia here with us for today’s session😉 Hey there @Raki_Brown @Theo_LordGravity sir!So nice to have you both here Théo | Lord Gravity – [Never […]

Wealthy Talkz AMA 23 June 2021

💎AMA RECAP WITH OMNIA DEFI 💎 Wealthy Talkz5 hours ago· Hosted by – 💥Wealthytalkz 💥 Dated – 23rd June, 2021 Admins – Crypto Shaman and Theo | Lord Gravity Hosts – Yash Jain and Shruti | Wealthytalkz 💥INTRO SEGMENT💥 Yash Jain: Goodmorning People🚀We are so glad to have @Theo_LordGravity & @Raki_Brown from team @@omnia_defi_official is here with […]

Crypto Land AMA 13 June 2021

💎AMA RECAP WITH OMNIA 💎 Hosted by — 💥Crypto Land💥 Dated — 13th June, 2021 Admins — Theo | lord gravity and Raki Hosts — Ishita, Yash jain and Manak Ahuja 💥INTRO SEGMENT💥 Ishita: Goodmorning Crypto landians🔥🔥 We are so glad to have @Theo_LordGravity and @RakiBrown from team @omnia_defi_official is here with us for today’s AMA session🔥🔥 Yash jain: Hey @Theo_LordGravity & @RakiBrown sir, […]

How to Do Your Own Research (DYOR)

In an industry where many of the influencers in the public eye have their own self profiting agenda, it’s now more important than ever to do your own research when purchasing crypto assets. Doing your own research does NOT mean solely watching YouTube videos. The vast majority of crypto youtubers will be shorting the tokens […]

Tokenomics, Core Team Vesting Schedule, Usage of Funds & Liquidity Locking Details

OMNIA DeFi Tokenomics 💰 Total supply: 10,000,000 💸 Circulating supply — at public listing: 2,275,000– Liquidity pool: 575,000– Bootstrap funding: 300,000– Private presale & Public presale: 1,400,000 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Core team: 1,350,000 — locked for 15 months, 90,000 released/month 👨‍💻 Development: 1,725,000 — locked for 7 months, 250,000 released/month 🚀 Marketing: 1,000,000 — locked for 6.5 months, 150,000 released/month 🌕 […]

OMNIA DeFi Project Rundown

Why was Omnia DeFi founded? According to Oxfam International’s January 2020 report, the world’s richest 1% own twice as much as the bottom 90%. In 2019, 2,153 people had more wealth between them compared to 4.6 billion people. There is at the present an enormous imbalance in prosperity distribution around the globe. Omnia DeFi seeks […]