Written by Jago Penrose, Serial Technology Entrepreneur

The cryptocurrency industry has recently been affirmed as its own asset class by major institutions such as Goldman Sachs (thanks guys, glad you are all up to speed). But what their report omitted to detail was what tokenisation potentially brings to the table for virtually every physical asset class out there: OMNIA DeFi is their name, and universal access to wealth creation through real world asset fractionalisation is their game.

One of the first, and arguably the most tangible fractionalisation frontiers is through the tokenisation of art. We have already seen a non-fungible token craze which has assisted with mass adoption of impromptu ownership of artwork, for as much as tens of millions of dollars for a single work. Why is this relevant to OMNIA DeFi, you ask?  The answer lies with the $500M USD of both art and real estate committed to the project, meaning they have realistic aspirations of becoming world leading pioneers in the asset fractionalisation space by 2030 – and they are well on track.

Art is just the beginning. Real estate is where fractionalisation gets interesting. As a simple analogy, farmers are generally quite land rich. But what options do they have once they are priced out of the grain, pesticide, or livestock markets, other than selling the farm? With fractionalisation the opportunity value through the ownership of land is gargantuan. What if a farmer could tokenise 49% of his land, maintain physical ownership, and through the fractionalisation build a sports stadium on his land? Or a holiday park? Or create a robotics centre for agriculture? The possibilities are as endless as the bounds of the intertwinement of human imagination and commercial thinking.

OMNIA DeFi proposes their platform is used as accessible infrastructure to facilitate such transactions to provide a universal access to wealth and financing. Not only does this open up a new world of opportunity for land-owners, but also local authorities, states, and governments that lack the standardised first world organisational structure as perhaps a G8 nation does. OMNIA sports a diverse, experienced team which is well versed in legal compliance, and has recently added ex Polkadot veteran community officer Jin Park, who also had a part to play in the $CUMMIES extravaganza which was endorsed by Mr. Musk himself.

You can visit their website here, and also view the Litepaper. There’s a full in-depth overview of the tokenomics, roadmap, and team. Don’t just watch the change occur, become a part of it. Fractionalise the future with OMNIA DeFi.