10,000 OMs in a series of bizarre adventures

Mint an OM NFT & get a chance to play our retro 2D game, where play-to-earn (P2E) meets Play-to-learn (P2E) game.

Buy a cool OM NFT which forms part of the Omnia DeFi Avatar Tribe!

Each OM is a limited ticket to play the OMGquest game.

We have a total of 10,000 characters (OMs) which are super powerful and sometimes funny as hell. From wizard to sci-fi OM like marvel characters we have them all.

We tell stories with our OMs. In fact, Our community stickers are doppelgangers of our original NFTs. It’s developed by our sister company Corporate Comics.

Why buy oms?

Because there is no other way around it.

Buying an OM doesn’t just give you access to the game within which you can play to earn our $OXE and OM tokens, but also allows you to have an NFT that will evolve as we apply more features to these and other NFTs. Your OM will also be able to create tradable NFTs in-game.

Earn as you play, and create ever rarer NFTs as you level up.

The game itself will start as a simple arcade-style platform and a side-scrolling game where the objective is to collect coins in the process of saving the universe.

A series of bizarre adventures will allow the players to immerse themselves in a space opera world and get hands-on experience with Omnia’s revolutionary concepts with both hypothetical and practical examples.


We are excited about the possibilities of gaming platforms and framework projects in the crypto space, so we want to leverage blockchain technology in order to solve tasks that are usually opaque to the users such as in-game inventory management and implementing a tamper-proof leader-board.

Among things we wish to achieve is DeFi experimentation, We will also collaborate with Lazy Learning and iLYCEUM, teaching financial literacy in a way that goes unnoticed but is effective. 

Our vision

Our vision is to simply educate the crypto & web 3 community, enabling our users to understand complex jargon & things in a much simpler way.

We want to extend this concept to the entire character-gameplay relationship by having each of the hundreds of possible playable characters be represented by a single NFT token that grants the user the right to play with it.

What are you waiting for?

Get an amazing OM already!