Our team is a group of friends productively collaborating at the global level. We are ethnically diverse, possess distinct talents from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, and share a common vision of significant social impact. We take pride in our company culture of mutual respect and ethical high expectations. We don’t just dream bold and beautiful dreams; we are fully committed to the integrity and hard work it will take to make them come true.

Raki Brown

Founder & Chairman of the Board

RAKI BROWN’s can do spirit and hands-on approach as Founder & Chairman are the hallmarks of OMNIA DeFi. His facile, open mind, combined with an unconventional upbringing, gives Raki the ability to perceive big problems from a fresh angle, offering completely unique solutions. Most recently Raki has dedicated his time to bringing his many ideas to life, attracting unique talents to his team and solidifying his network of industry influencers and advisors. At the young age of twenty, Raki successfully established and managed Avalon Solutions, a utility company, as his first enterprise. The young entrepreneur’s passion for robotics and AI subsequently connected him to Dr. Mirko Kovac, Director of Aerial Robotics Laboratory at Imperial College, London. Together they formed SkyCity Robotics, a collaborative experience centered on Raki’s invention of a skyscraper window cleaning drone.

Janie Dam

Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer

As Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer JANIE DAM, JD, EdD is OMNIA DeFi’s creative thought leader. In this role Janie seeks to apply her proven polymath mindset toward impactful fintech leadership in an environment of unprecedented change. She holds a bachelor’s in Mathematical Sciences with emphasis on Biology, and doctoral degrees in Law and Education. In 1991 Janie became one of the youngest persons appointed Assistant Attorney General at the state level in the United States. Subsequently a recognized keynote speaker, Janie was featured on the cover of Crain’s Chicago Business Magazine, Forty Under 40 edition. In the year 2000 Janie shifted her energy to educating the 21st century global workforce: integrated instructional technologies, authentic student assessment, and the public charter school movement. “If social parity were a gold coin, free public education and the rule of law are its two sides.”

Jørgen Skov Christensen

Chief Executive & Financial Officer

JØRGEN SKOV CHRISTENSEN’s track record in the financial sector boasts numerous achievements. As OMNIA DeFi’s Chief Executive and Financial Officer, Jørgen will prove himself indispensable to fintech clients seeking to explore options in a world where old and new normals mix. He is well versed from back to front end of the financial value chain and holds a NLP Business Master Practitioner combined with other leadership programs. Under Jørgen’s helm, Danske Bank and Nordea Bank effectively centralised Nordic Issuer Services operational units, successfully created ISAE3402 audit reports covering all areas within Sub Custody, efficiently achieved compliance to implemented transaction reporting regulations. A former Fysisk Form advisory board chairman, Jørgen has served as cross border manager, influencer and mentor in a number of areas: Sales and Trading, Corporate Actions, Issuer Services, Relationship Management within Sub and Global Custody.

Vera Ishani

Chief Operations Officer & Data Protection Officer

As Chief Operations Officer, VERA ISHANI is OMNIADeFi’s KYC and AML lead liaison with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). She is a certified GDPR Practitioner and Data Protection Officer registered with the United Kingdom Information Commissioner’s Office. Vera’s thoroughness and personable approach to delivering client solutions are notable assets to company operations. Vera holds a masters degree with distinction in Management of Business Information Technology, and will begin her PhD program in 2022. Her academic studies followed by 30 years of effective professional experience in the IT and authentication sector endow her with excellent working knowledge of security and risk management, ISO 31000, ISO 27001/2, data privacy, internal auditing, data protection (DPA and GDPR) and IT project management among others.

Théo Richard

Chief Technical Officer

THEO RICHARD is full of curiosity and loves to ask questions. According to him, continual questioning allows one to have a better understanding of the world and to arrive at better solutions to problems. With a broad knowledge of the Blockchain and significant financial success as an investor in cryptocurrencies, Théo directs OMNIA DeFi’s technical integration as Chief Technical Officer. His focus is to secure digitalisation of assets via trustless systems of uncensorable evidence and non-editable evidence. What is Théo’s big dream beside coming up with the very best all-around Blockchain innovations on the planet? Exploring the entire globe by backpacking…proving himself to be a true Millennial Digital Nomad.

Hossein Namazian


HOSSEIN NAMAZIAN always has a thirst for learning new technologies. After purchasing his first BTCs he became curious to further explore the world behind bitcoin: Blockchain. Bringing extensive experiences in architectural design and blockchain-based project development in both enterprise and public DLTs, Hossein is responsible for OMNIA’s smart contract developments in the financial domain. Hossein’s favorite pastimes? A good game of chess, intriguing movies and…learning even more new technologies.

Rocco Russo

Front-End Web Engineer

ROCCO RUSSO considers himself an ex-nomadic originally from South Italy and currently in South Africa. A specialized front-end web engineer with 20+ years of experience, Rocco is a crypto enthusiast with web3/blockchain technologies expertise. His time is split between OMNIA DeFi software consulting and being a great dad.


Blockchain Developer

AVINASH SENGAR is a Blockchain enthusiast and tech evangelist working in the industry for 10 +years. His past projects include coding for DeFi NFTs, SSI, banking and healthcare sector. His professional goal is to support startups like OMNIA to build decentralized applications that solve real time problems. Avinash likes to play Snooker and guitar – sometimes at the same time!

Mike Ade

Information & Cyber Security Lead

MIKE ADE holds the BSc degree in Computer Systems Forensics & Security and the MSc degree in Cyber Security. As a specialized consultant and member of the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership, Mike brings to OMNIA DeFi impressive qualifications including IASME Cyber Essentials and IBITGQ GPPR Practitioner status. In addition to cyber security, Mike’s avid interest in blockchain has led to “Using Blockchain Technologies to Solve Trust Issues for the IoT” as the topic of his MSc thesis. His academic training and stellar professional track record highly qualify Mike as the company’s Information & Cyber Security Lead.

Elliot Anthonioz

Head of Design

ELLIOT ANTHONIOZ holds both a bachelor’s degree and a DUT technical degree in Information Technology. As a Developer & Designer for OMNIA DeFi, Elliot brings elegance in design, organisational solutions that save time and gain cost efficiency for the client. When he’s not doing research on state-of-the-art blockchain technologies, Elliot enjoys a good game of football or is found on the slopes happily skiing.

Lukasz Dec

UX/UI Designer

LUKASZ DEC is a product designer with a strong focus on product performance and users’ needs. Thanks to his 10+ years of experience designing and developing both customer and B2B e-commerce applications, he brings a unique set of skills to the OMNIA DeFi team. From gathering data and doing the research, to creating the polished high-end user interface design, Lukasz makes sure that OMNIA’s products operate smoothly, bringing the best possible experience to its users. Off the clock he enjoys photography and people watching while traveling constantly, bringing the idea of digital nomadism to life.

Zoia Labuzova

UX/UI Designer

ZOIA LABUZOVA brings to OMNIA solid experience with the design process from concepts and market research to detailed design and implementation. She is gifted with intuitive understanding of user psychology, needs, and behaviors from a business goals perspective. Her recent successfully delivered projects are found in an array of fields: financial, medical, educational, social media, blockchain, SaaS, B2B, B2C. In her free time Zoia enjoys painting and boxing, and doting on her two Akita children Den & Satu.

Immanuel Pasopati

Marketing Lead

IMMANUEL PASOPATI comes to OMNIA as a former CNN journalist with significant startup content and marketing management experience. Possessing a wide range of digital content and marketing portfolios Immanuel serves as the company’s Head of Marketing. Immanuel is known to really enjoy console games and music, and even collects band t-shirts in his spare time.




Baqir Datoo


Yuni Setiawan

Motion Designer

YUNI SETIAWAN holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia and comes to Omnia’s marketing team with her stunning motion design skills and an eye for a aesthetics in communication. Yuni’s perfect day would start with waking up in the morning, working out, and panorama sightseeing, and end with enjoying delicious food while watching a movie with her friends and family.