Omnia DeFi is made up of individuals who share the common goal of having a significant impact on society. Each of us believes in the positive self-actualisation of every human being and humanity as a whole, and has agreed to dedicate our distinct set of skills to this greater cause in a fundamental and pragmatic way: cost-effective technologies to unlock and generate wealth and abundance for all.

As we aim to become the leading global asset tokenisation platform, we seek the support of talented and committed individuals from around the world to help take Omnia to the next level. Our team, naturally, is ethnically diverse and will be based on every continent.

Every team member is highly valued and celebrated with a superhero avatar persona created by Corporate Comics. Each superhero character possesses the superpower embodying the team member’s amazing aptitudes or accomplishments in the real world.

But after all, and best of all, we are all human. To achieve peak performance as team and company, we model after Bruce Tuckman’s best practices: form, storm, norm and perform.

We don’t just dream big, bold, beautiful dreams, we are committed to make them the new reality.


Raki Brown

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

RAKI BROWN’s can do spirit and hands-on approach as Founder & Chairman are the hallmarks of OMNIA DeFi. His facile, open mind, combined with an unconventional upbringing, gives Raki the ability to perceive big problems from a fresh angle, offering completely unique solutions. Most recently Raki has dedicated his time to bringing his many ideas to life, attracting unique talents to his team and solidifying his network of industry influencers and advisors. At the young age of twenty, Raki successfully established and managed Avalon Solutions, a utility company, as his first enterprise. The young entrepreneur’s passion for robotics and AI subsequently connected him to Dr. Mirko Kovac, Director of Aerial Robotics Laboratory at Imperial College, London. Together they formed SkyCity Robotics, a collaborative experience centered on Raki’s invention of a skyscraper window cleaning drone.


Jørgen Skov Christensen

Board Member

JØRGEN SKOV CHRISTENSEN’s track record in the financial sector boasts numerous achievements. He is well versed from back to front end of the financial value chain and holds a NLP Business Master Practitioner combined with other leadership programs. Under Jørgen’s helm, Danske Bank and Nordea Bank effectively centralised Nordic Issuer Services operational units, successfully created ISAE3402 audit reports covering all areas within Sub Custody, efficiently achieved compliance to implemented transaction reporting regulations. A former Fysisk Form advisory board chairman, Jørgen has served as cross border manager, influencer and mentor in a number of areas: Sales and Trading, Corporate Actions, Issuer Services, Relationship Management within Sub and Global Custody.





Advisor, Product Design

A Techstars-London mentor, TOMISLAV KOZACINSKI has owned and operated a small boutique design agency, consulted as Lead Product Designer for large company b2b projects, run mastermind communities for solopreneurs and small business owners. Breaking Freelance is Mr. Kozacinski’s insightful newsletter for freelancers and first-time founders. A popular motivational speaker, he has traveled the world on talks and workshops, from South Africa to Siberia. Amazingly, Tom is also a professional stand up comedian, since 2005! He loves both cats and dogs, and riding his cool motorcycle.




Advisor, Smart Contracts

LENNOX GAY is an expert on Ethereum Hyperledger and Solidity smart contracts. A holder of the MSC degree in Software Engineering, HND Electronics & Telecommunication, Mr. Gay is a proven agnostic developer with wide experience in POC, R&D, Mobile Telecoms, Multimedia, Oil and Gas Renewable Energy, Charity, Banking, Electronics, Music, MR, AI, AR, Blockchain Art, Fashion and Automotive Currency. He holds a United Kingdom Patent in Wireless Messaging Architecture, and is known for his contribution to the development of the world’s first set top box interactive TV and mobile banking app.


Advisor, Corporate and Global Affairs

MASOOD ARIFF is a senior executive with over 37 years of experience in international banking, including Adviser to Commerce Bank of Zambia, placed in London. His extensive professional background covered credit and risk management, trade and project finance, feasibility and value engineering studies, marketing and human resource management. Since 1998 Mr. Ariff has turned his focus to innovating recycling technologies that convert composite solid waste materials with little or no value into highly valuable fractions. For over 20 years he has worked closely with renown scientist Ron Hodkinson, and in 2007 was instrumental in organising the first public demonstration of a PEM Fuel Cell, in Mumbai, India. Mr. Hodkison’s work on systems integration and materials technology for both Alkaline and PEM Fuel Cells resulted in the production of the Tower Cube. Since 2018 Mr. Ariff has been associated with the development of zero emission compression ignition ammonia engine with Ron Hodkinson. He holds three directorships in green technology companies based in London.


Advisor, Future Trends


NILS ELMARK is Founder and Consulting Futurist of Incepcion Ltd., and Creative Director of For over 20 years Mr. Elmark has been helping international business leaders to mould their companies. He began his working life as a journalist before becoming editor of a financial magazine; then later established his own strategic communication agency. He is a sought-after executive coach, and in his career has conducted development projects for over 100 Nordic and international companies within every conceivable industry. Mr. Elmark’s latest publication is The New Local Economy, which discusses how the future’s big businesses will grow out of small communities.